Even as browsers progress and add more support for CSS-based animation, we still find ourselves relying on JavaScript to get the job done. But that doesn’t mean we need to define our styles in our scripts.

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Detailed console logging

While logging the console can be useful during development, some browser consoles do not display logged data in a readable, useful format. These primitive consoles do not expand arrays, do not link DOM elements to the source code, print objects as [object Object] rather than listing their properties, etc.

Matching UI Behavior with User Behavior

The viewport is a direct window into what the user sees, and a lot can be learned by watching it. I want to discuss how I’ve found Within Viewport useful in making interfaces respond sensibly to user behavior.

Within Viewport: JavaScript and jQuery Plugin

Within Viewport indicates whether an element is entirely within the viewport. It also allows you to specify your site’s effective viewport, and includes an optional jQuery plugin.

Complete cross-browser console.log()

While the tried-and-true console.log() often does the trick, its lack of support (particularly in IE) leaves a hole ready to be filled.

My wish: that Google would preload its CDN libraries

What if your site’s CSS and JS libraries were already cached for anyone who had previously been to Google’s homepage or Facebook? Almost no one would need to download those files from scratch when they reached your site, improving load time dramatically.

How to Use Your iPhone Overseas

If you’re preparing to travel overseas and you’ve had an iPhone for any amount of time you’re probably excited about its usefulness as a travel aid. But you’ve probably heard the horror stories of arriving home to a thousand-dollar cell phone bill littered with roaming charges. Fortunately, you have some options to make use of your iPhone’s capabilities outside of the United States.

How to Keep Sites from Spying on Your Copy and Paste

Many news sites have taken to adding a ‘feature’ to their articles—any text you copy and paste is silently broadcast to another site. Here’s how to get rid of it.

5 Reasons why Twitter should not replace your RSS feed

Recently, many blogs have gotten into the habit of putting links to all of their posts on Twitter. Sure, this lets their followers find out about new posts in real time, but it’s really stepping into the territory of RSS feeds. While at first a blogger might think they’re getting their posts out to two sets of readers—RSS subscribers and Twitter followers—I think in the long run it hurts their readership.

Clogging Twitter with Spam

It has always been inevitable that Twitter would be used for spam. All a spammer needs to do is search for a couple key words related to their product, and then send links to those users. Such a process can be, and already is, easily automated in real time.

How to Get from Albany to JFK Airport in New York City

Over the years I've fine-tuned my routine of getting from the Capital District to JFK to embark on a number of great journeys. There are many ways to go about it, each one ranging in price, reliability, and speed, but this one is my tried and tested favorite.

France Travelogue

This is a collection of every mundane detail of our trip to Paris on March 13-18, 2005, for future reference. There will not be any mention of what we did in Paris or anything fun at all.

A Solution for Private Urban Transportation

Travellers in urban environments face a personal dilemma: should they use the crowded subway or train system, or endure high traffic while in the private comfort of their own cars? The best solution to urban transportation would be private vehicles that are controlled by an all-knowing authority.